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Dept. of Special Education  

The mission of the Master Program of Speech and Language Pathology at Taipei Municipal University of Education is to cultivate postgraduate level speech-language pathologists who are competent in both clinical and research work, so as to fulfill the great demand for professional service in communication disorders in the modern society.


Our faculty includes numerous well recognized experts in both academic and clinical fields, offering excellent education and research environment.


1. To be a certified, licensed speech-language pathologist after successfully passing the National Examination in Speech-Language Pathology.
2. To work in a variety of settings related to communication disorders, including early intervention agencies, educational settings, rehabilitation centers, community organizations, and health departments, or conduct research related to communication sciences or disorders.
3. To pursuer a doctoral degree in speech-language pathology or related fields.


Core Curriculum
The curriculum is based on ‘the Speech-Language Pathologist Training Program” proposed by The Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Taiwan. It covers a broad range of subjects from the basic sciences related to communication to the applied sciences in speech/language disorders, including: Phonological Disorders, Voice Disorders, Swallowing Disorders, Fluency Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Language Disorders in Children, Language Disorders in Adults, Communicative Skills Training, Assistive Technology in Communication Disorders, Early Intervention in Communication Disorders, Assessment of communication Disorders, Counseling Theory and Techniques, Hearing Science, Clinical Audiology, Auditory Rehabilitation, Child Language Development, Speech Science, Neurophysiology in Speech and Hearing, Acoustics, Research Methods, Master Thesis, Clinical Observation and Practicum.